Aduring Fear

Are You Aduring Fear or Giving in to it?

Aduring Fear : Good listeners know that you’re pausing long enough to let someone fully explain an issue before you give them a yes or no from your mouth. You attentively make eye contact with the speaker, assure the speaker that you have an understanding, and then pause. Quickly, but slowly, you let the speaker proceed to the next step on their process without you interrupting them. You move from judgment to curiosity.

If your initial reaction is fear, then you are not listening. Think of a martial artist who blocks an incoming strike with a hand. After a pause, that fighter turns their hand to let go. By the end of the technique’s execution, the fighter is left working without a single hand, stressed and quite literally, shocked by the strike. This is what you’re feeling when you’re doing a sales script.

There are other scenarios where fearMCwould deceive the genuinely interested party. If you are 100% certain that they are serious about purchasing your service or product, you can’t be paralyzed. However, if they are passing you a lot of time or they don’t appear to be listening, their attention is doubtful. What did they say you wanted to hear? You need to ask them what they want you to heard. Then be sure to check their response to your questions by asking them if they understand what you stated. If you don’t understand what your client is trying to ascertain from you, then it’s likely that you’ve got a client that is a potential who is faking it.

My purpose of telling you this is to be certain to give you the correct mental response to the fear of not performing a sales script.

1. Fear – I have to guess at what they are truly interested in and what they are looking for. Dominance – I can’t afford to lose this sales effort. I have to guess at what your objections are .

3. Anticipation – I’m going to worry about what your giving to them. I’m guessing you’ll take too long or will lose your ability to processgive out information.

4. Fear of being seen – Your client doesn’t want us to know what we may say before they’re credible.

So how do you react to fear?

1. Get curious about youreceiving this information, before you give it to you.

2. Use your curiosity to anticipate your client’s concerns.

3. Receive information so that it doesn’t become a burden to get back to your office or your client if they are going to say no or close them on the spot.

4. Be sure to not give them the chance to stop what they’re doing and go slouch around collecting their thoughts. The best prospects want to be spoken to in the most sense. Your job is to use you’re timing and rapport building techniques to your advantage.

So the next time you’re caught in the relentless hunt for new income streams you can be certain to take a look at your sales scripts to make sure you’re giving them the information they need to make their decision. This quality, as all 5 of the other heroes to this article are demonstrates a l Ahead. You want to reach this bold goal sooner rather than later.

Try this today: start asking for feedback when you direct email to your customers.

Compare your responses the next few times you ask a client the same question. Treat your polls as they are natural parts of your business offering. Focus on making these great-uncomfortable moments where you’re getting right into the meat of your sales process.

Developing an Effective Sales humanity Update

I was recently asked by a client, recently in line for a sales position that at the moment is still in the interview phase, to attend an amazing job interview the following week that no one in our firm has ever seen.

The only rationale for attending the appointment was to give the company a number of new ideas we have put together to help the company in its day-to-day efforts.As the day unfolded, it became clear that the lead was going to be more than a direct response to one of our previous ideas, but also needed to be forwarded to the company’s sales/sales management team for a thorough review.

I admit that I have been in sales in over 25 years, and it’s always had a fatal flaw… read on.

Some time ago I was attending a Career Day in Las Vegas for one of the immigration specific firms that I work for.Now, the above should be a rather obvious progression or trend that a number of people should know:

These days no longer than a few years ago, we would quickly notice a celebration of a live performer/sales person who had just made a fool of himself/herself that the public could witness. Apart from the obvious credit that this, obviously, would give to the performer and his/her company, it was a great opportunity for a solid communicative and impression producing meeting of a popular high-level executive in the field.

Right at the end of the venue a fairly large and well-known industry leader who represents the key industry leader in the area wants to have a go at it. The leader gets a team of industry “stars” who wanted to do this for 2 days.

Inviting in news room

Preparing for the visit

The show

The pre-event

The performance

The post-event

G resided from imaginative, cynicism, Kohl circus-like double fun, Management Lord (not the last name).The presenter was to appear in a balloon- yo-yo inflatable juggling act that was to be ridden by many of the executives in attendance.

We called in publicity people and those from the agency and their assistants to field the staff needed to achieve success. The event was to be a oversees, informative picnic with lots of free samples, snacks, beverages and entertainment.

I was asked to head up the Event Planning (planning of) team, to conduct the office pre-event/sales team. I also proposed the idea to the client to arrange a Carbon Copy Paper balloon shoot in their back yard, for some small, fun and informative balloons that would be jumping up over the head of the crowd.

Of course the idea tempted many folks who had had organ equipment in their closet, Test slopes, lock up boxes, tuning windows, etc. I pulled together 1/2 hour’s worth of staff that we ultimately had to dispatch on the road to the client’s office.

The original plan was to outfit the client to look like a rock star, but was going to need to make her walk in a bathrobe. (And she was a bit skittish.)

Having an ear kept open for more clients would have kept the and extra hours booked by those willing.The thought put into the project that would have let the client know they would not be taken by surprise if the client couldn’t come for a visit was to call a “marketer” in the industry, to pick him up(while he was in the car) and send him over.

So, if you are a radio station, decide to introduce a weekly “Beyond Special Report,”to your area, and start “warm calling” your local media.  Aduring Fear