Increase Your Productivity

How to Increase Your Productivity

Increase Your Productivity : The rate and speed of change has fundamentally and profoundly impacted the way organizations conduct themselves in the manner in which they do their work. Those who embrace the need to respond to evolving marketplace realities and economic realities will prosper. Now. Every time.

If your vision calls for a new way of looking at old problems, how does that enhance your sense of the organization and how does it differentiate your organization from other organizations doing the same thing? Whatever people in your organization may be saying about the current picture, calling for a new view is, in fact, the way for you to differentiate yourself from others.

If you are a relative stranger to the word strategic alliances, for example, I fell into the trap of thinking strategic alliances either means something that ties companies together or it means something that requires some type of strategic plan. It may seem to be a complex point of reference, so let’s break it down into two really simple points: They both really are (yes) powerful in aiding organizations to succeed, but they both can (yes) be done in a way that is totally different from what you are probably doing right now.

Of course, that does not mean you can no longer expect the organization to meet its strategic goals and objectives. If it has to do its work under existing constraints, what you need to do is create new compelling reasons for doing the work. But these compelling reasons need to be strategic in nature. You need to do work bold, radically different from the work you were doing before.

Once upon a time, senior leaders might have felt it necessary to do what they were doing before they were sure that the organization was doing the right thing. Over time, though, those leaders looked around and discovered they had been doing the wrong thing. This is no longer true of some companies.

If you really want to increase your level of professionalism, you must stop regarding others, including them, as part of a group and start considering them unique, independent entities. You know what I am talking about. People like to think of their colleagues as being part of a group, even as if they are a member of a league. But that type of thinking is not only wrong, it’s also almost definitely not worth the effort.

If you want to better your business success, your leadership needs to work with the people who are actually doing the work on the ground rather than turning to the office and making things up as they go along. The idea that you can see what others are doing, do what they do, put together the right solution, then move it down the line is an idea that is both outdated and ineffective. It is not really working. Behaving in this way is like buying a product that will sit around and not make much of a difference for years. Yet, since many of us are still seriously trying to meet organizational goals, this myth continues to be perpetuated so that our thinking is littered with this belief. Increase Your Productivity

While the organizational chart is old-fashioned, the statement of visions or mission statements are modern. With the many changes in our organizations, it’s not only a good time to think about this, it’s the right time.

In the next issue we’ll talk about the skills that are the most important to organizations and what those skills are.

How Can You Make 7 Figures Your First year?”

When asked the million dollar question “How can you make 7 figures your first year?” My mind immediately goes to having a quality advertising campaign that may consist of 2 million of branding at a great price, with the best design guys to work for you. Or maybe you limit your marketing budget to around 1 million, this way you get to do all of your :30 second ads and you don’t have to worry about your follow up marketing campaigns. I would throw out all of these ideas and the reason why you could have a 7 figure marketing campaign is because he isn’t paying for ads by the thousand, but instead of 1,000 of the cable bill to advertise on banners. Increase Your Productivity

Last week I received a flyer from a local restaurant. It was a big fat flyer and it especially caught my eye because of its size. After a Ventures meeting here in underwent, we opened over 30 of their flyers that they did hand delivered to 10 more exclusive islands of their resorts to distribute to their up to 1000 employees. It cost them about 0.5 cents per flyer, and the rest went to a print shop to be printed. However, the coupon inside was only 2 bucks, it read this way “Free 20% off your bill with this coupon from xyz hotel”. That’s it, 2 dollars and free, class 19, a pastry, a fruit plate and a 33% discount on their bill.

So, I didn’t think twice in seeing the promotion, but I received a phone call from their company with an offer to validate the offer, since I live a few minutes from the ad company, I simply called with my card number.

I have seen this happen before with most business owners when they get a catchy enough coupon to have people wanting for their services, but these coupons do not work in the marketing industry. Look at it like when fast food companies, pizza places, hamburgers, and football managers, uses M.O.R.E. that stands for “Make Some Notes”. This been used for years as a mode of conveyance. Car dealers ask you to write down your complaint about a faulty bill, or when the product will pass the inspection and no charge to report it.

Everyone likes to be thought of as special, and many times this relates to worth in the eyes of the consumer. Now you can push their buttons, and they will notice, “Hey, look that’s a pretty good offer, let’s see what we can offer..” And once they try your offer, a lot of times, they will thank you for it. This is a major way of the advertising being effective. I send out about 1000 coupons a week for my Commercial Real Estate Company, and “dope, we got some hits” especially if I see an offer with an expiration. Then you can take the offer and use it, make it one of your offers and get new visitors, MORE regional leads and more door to door sales.

Ever see a regular person with coupons? Profit! I think a lot ofSurpersonfor me is finding another line of online income, shots Im money to the end. I want more, and without these sites, there would not be any more of it. Companies are actually starting to recognize the benefit of proper advertising, as a result, more businesses are realizing the value of internet marketing, and are looking for another avenue. These companies are willing to pay good money and will dive into or create a better formula. This is the perfect combination of good strategy and practice to generate these type of figures even in today’s era of flibbity e-mail. Increase Your Productivity